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Looking for quality health content that works?


Does it bother you to see words such as Covid-19 instead of COVID-19? Or Escherichia coli rather than Escherichia coli?

Are you looking for a Health and Medical Writer who can not only write, but knows how to accurately represent scientific and medical information?

Well, here I am.

Hi, I am Natricha, a Medical Researcher and Health and Medical Writer living in Toronto, Canada. I am available to assist you with creating and communicating your medical information to achieve your desired results.

Let me help you with your medical literature reviews, lay summaries, REB applications, study reports, research highlights, articles, blogs, patient handouts, and more.

How Can I Help You?

If you need health or medical content that is accurate, credible, engaging, and communicates what you want to say, I can help with that. I provide more than just content. I help you create content that accomplishes the goal – health content that works.

Academic Writing

I can help you structure your academic content to comply with established guidelines while maintaining quality and conveying your information accurately.

Medical Copywriting

I create content pieces that engage, drive traffic, and help to generate leads.


I collaborate with partners to provide content that fits their needs. Here are a few of the partners that I have worked with/for:

My Partners Speak

Excellent at developing content that drives traffic and build leads

I have engaged Natricha as a key content writer to improve SEO and consumption of content for healthcare companies that I have worked with. Given an idea of what we would like, Natricha can research and develop quality original content and also enhance curated pieces to drive more traffic to our sites. Natricha has developed pieces that were, and still are the number one consumed content pieces for these companies.  As such, these have helped to raise the reputations of the companies and build lead pipelines that have led to new sales for each of these companies.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the healthcare field and turns around excellent pieces in an expeditious manner with extremely high quality. I would recommend her highly for any healthcare organization in need of these services.

Thomas Leahy – Managing Director, Synepta Group and Former Executive VP of Sales and Marketing – Policy Medical and SureShield

Adept at creating quality content that gets the point across simply and clearly

Natricha is my go-to person for content writing. She is very professional, responsive, detailed, and always delivers well written, quality content in a timely manner. From blogs to case studies, conversion guides to press releases, she has done it all for my company. Natricha is very knowledgeable and will readily give tips on how best to organize and develop the right content to suit our needs. She is very adept at creating content that gets the point across simply and clearly. I would definitely recommend Natricha. 

A Nathan – CEO, Smart Monitor

Detailed research expert with great work ethic

I worked with Natricha at the Ministry of Health, Jamaica for 8 years while she functioned in various capacities including as Director of Epidemiological Research and Data Analysis. Her expertise, attention to detail, and work ethic were always top-notch as she guided my team on research projects, from developing survey instruments, to conducting studies such as the Health Promoting Schools in Jamaica survey, where she also co-authored the study report. Natricha worked with all units within the Ministry of Health and developed and guided the conduct of many national research agenda items including numerous written content which were always of the best quality. I view her current work in health and medical writing as a natural extension of all she did at the Ministry and as she did then, I am confident she will be excellent at any projects she undertakes.

Takese Foga – Director, Health Promotion and Education, Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica

A pleasure to work with

Natricha is a conscious professional with vast research and writing experience. All her writing assignments were meticulously researched and varied from shorter pieces like blog posts, to long form evergreen assets like white papers. She was particularly good at delivering quality work to deadline and was a pleasure to work with.

Tracy Staniland – Former Director of Marketing, Policy Medical