Medical Researcher, Freelance Health and Medical Writer

Why Work With Me?

When you partner with me, you can rest assured that you will be getting a knowledgeable, experienced professional and a content piece that delivers on your expectations.

You get not only a medical writer, but also a medical researcher who understands medical language and the importance of getting it right.

This stems from:

✓ 14+ years of medical research and writing experience

✓ Excellent knowledge and understanding of medical literature and terminology

✓ Passionate about quality, accuracy, and credibility in health and medical writing

✓ Professional, reliable, and responsive, with timely delivery

✓ Research, guidance, and revisions included

✓ Knowledge of SEO copywriting best practices

✓ Above average click through rates for the medical field.

Who I Partner With

I have worked with hospitals, public health agencies, SaaS companies, and healthcare technology companies.

I welcome clients from these areas and others such as medical non-profits, medical communication agencies, research institutes, medical associations, private practices, medical specialists, B2B, and government.

My Journey to Medical Writing

I am Natricha Levy McFarlane, a Medical Researcher and Freelance Health and Medical Writer. My natural curiosity and need for evidence combined with a love for knowledge, especially in the medical sciences, led me down the path of a medical researcher. In conducting research, writing up reports, preparing manuscripts, etc., I found a love for medical writing that has continued to grow.

I am also passionate about accurately representing medical information. While the field of medicine is filled with jargon and may seem complex to the average individual, medical communication does not have to be incomprehensible. I believe in maintaining the integrity of the science while breaking it down to keep it clear and engaging.

This is how you will accomplish what you aim to do – whether it is a behaviour change such as increasing physical activity, or it is to generate interest in your business to increase sales.

What I Can Do For You

I can partner with you to help you convey what you want to say in an accurate, clear, and engaging manner, to achieve your ultimate goal. Some of what I can do include:

◇ Medical literature reviews

◇ REB applications

◇ Study report writing

◇ Grant proposals

◇ Disease management guidelines

◇ Blogs

◇ Feature Articles

◇ Whitepapers

◇ Case studies

◇ Research highlights

Education and Career Highlights

◇ Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry

◇ Certificate in Health and Medical Copywriting

◇ 8 years working in public health programme and policy development, administration, and research

◇ Acting Director of Epidemiological Research and Data Analysis

◇ Coordinated research studies through protocol development to data analysis, report writing, and dissemination

◇ Wrote a national epidemiological profile

◇ Published in a peer-reviewed journal

◇ Knowledgeable in TCPS 2 and certified in ICH-GCP

◇ Content Management Specialist with a SaaS company

◇ Creates industry-leading content for healthcare businesses that raises their reputation, garners more traffic, and help build lead pipelines.

Topics I Cover

I can do the research and create content for you on any health topic. Some areas that I am especially experienced in are:

◇ Chronic diseases – diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

◇ Public health

◇ General health

◇ Obstetrics, gynaecology, and women’s health

◇ Clinical trials

◇ Healthcare technology and mHealth

◇ Healthy lifestyle